Unbox: MURAD High Performance Bodycare KIT

Yes, I am giving out MURAD products 
in which are given to me in the goodie bag during their INVISUBLUR media launching a few weeks back. WHY? Because i want YOU to have a personal experience with MURAD products too. 

This was a complimentary gift in my previous MURAD event i had attended.
This is a very quick post of me un-boxing the bag.

This is not just another ordinary bag, 
But a bag which comes with a bodycare KIT.
And also a lovely quote to remind us only us can make ourselves happy!
I mean, we have to choice to be HAPPY or not
even if there is a thunderstorm coming but we can still sit back & chillex to settle the problem right?

So here i am Unboxing the bag
and i received a very generous gift from MURAD
The High Performance Bodycare: Young Builder KIT
 (Left to Right) Detoxifying White Clay/ Body Cleanser [60ml], 
Firming Peptide Body Treatment [235ml], 
Rejuverating AHA Hand Cream [75ml], 
MURAD facial tower.

So i started off with the Detoxifying White Clay Body Cleanser
 I squeezed out a small quantity & it looks like just some ordinary cleanser to me 
and it smells a little lemonish.

This cleanser has got Ginger Root Extract which helps stimulate our inner circulation while the saffflower & sunflower oil moisture our skin. 

 So i add in some water & it dilutes very fast.
Not sure is it because there are some make up on my skin because there was some flaky while i cleanse it clockwise on my skin.

And i wash it off after finish cleansing, with room temperature water
And dried my hand with a towel.
It felt smooth!

 After that i applied some Firming Peptide Body Treatment on my hand.
This product is very milky/watery type.

It suppose to moisture like any body lotion type & this product does not leave any sticky feeling at all. It has Grape Seed Oil content to moisture & to improve texture & restore youthful appearance.

So my hand looks clean & moisture now.
Then i top some Hand Cream onto my hand.
I can feel a little moisture on my hand i think due to i had applied the body treatment.
But the moist is not the annoying type where you feel you need to wipe if off.
And it absorbed quite fast into my skin too.

So this KIT is actually hydrate & also firming your skin lines/ wrinkles to give it moisture & smooth skin. It helps to improve your texture & restore its appearance.
That is why they stated on the product Youth Builder
You can know more about it at their nationwide outlet!

Retail Price: RM298 (Inclusive GST)
Detoxifying White Clay/ Body Cleanser [60ml]
Firming Peptide Body Treatment [235ml]
Rejuverating AHA Hand Cream [75ml]


Deadline: 14th July 2015
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