I always read that in order to loose some weight, you have to eat your breakfast.
I'm not a picky person & i definitely dont go total vegan in my food.
But i practice in keeping a little of balance in my food intake where you need to have some carbs, meat & vegetable in your meal!

Not to mention, lesser ingredient & quick solution to start up my day.

So i am going to teach you one of my favorite breakfast 

All ingredient can be bought in any supermarket.

You only need less than 10 minutes in preparing this.

What kind of sausage?
Any kind, but i'm using a chicken sausage & would suggest to have it boiled.

What is alfafa? 
It's not bean sprout. It's contain vitamin c, vitamin k, calcium & 0% fat with 8 calories per cup.
If you do not want alfafa, add in some summer mix salad for crunchiness. 

How to choose avocado?
Avocado is a replacement of butter & it's healthy. If you want to use avocado immediate or the next day, select those with darker green tone. Those fresh green ones are not ready to be eaten & it's harder. The darker the riper the softer.

So below are some ingredient in which you need to prepare!
Also to note that my container consist of two bread, thus the ingredient i'm posting is sufficient for one bread only.

Ingredients to prepare:1/4 1/4 Avocado, sliced thickly
1 Fingerful of Alfafa
Dressing: Mustard & Mayonnaise

*You can replace the mayonnaise with a spoonful of greek yoghurt, mix it with some mustard in a bowl. 
*Dont replace the avocado with butter. The thickening taste is different.

So you just need to prepare a bread, lay the avocado slice, alfafa & sausage like the picture below.
So you can see the greens are actually wining in the arrangement and you give yourself a proud smile on your face feeling you are very healthy today. lol.

Fold it into a bowl or container. You can also wrap it for your convenience.
I made two so i get to share it with my colleagues and also to stay healthy together!

In the next pic you will get to see why i put the sausage on the right.
You will realise that my top bread the sausage is on the right, bottom bread with the sausage in the middle. It does not matter how you place it in your bread, as long as you are happy with the presentation. 

Top up with the dressing & sprinkle some chia seed on top of it if you like.
Dont over dress your bread as it will get very thickening in the sauce and you will be eating more of the carbs than the greens from your breakfast.

In the next pic is what i had dressed for my bread.
The taste was already a little thick in sauce.
So i would suggest you go a little lesser on the sauce.

That is it for the day.
A quick #onebread solution to kick start your breakfast in a fast manner.

Hope you like it.

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