My Favourite: Annie's Way Jelly Mask

Annie's Way has been in the market for quite some time 
and they has got a very strong client base with good reviews.

I'm sure you would have heard of this brand before
or at least has seen this packaging before (they never changed it)
So i'm not the exceptional from others, me too is a fan of Annie's Way Jelly Mask
This is a Taiwan Product which produces FRESH & QUALITY ingredient.
Annie's Way started off with their famous Wine Series/Purple Label mask (no you wont get drunk it's just the content ingredient), also their Hyaluronic Acid Series/Blue Label

Thank you to Annie's Way Malaysia, they sponsored me a bottle of their Snail Repairing Jelly Mask/Gold Label

So i am going to show you my existing bottle with the unbox of the snail jelly mask
 (Left) Blue Label is Hyaluronic Acid 
(Right) Gold Label is Snail Repairing
(Bottom) Facial Spatula

To avoid buying a used product, please do check on the sticker lable.
It is suppose to left untouch!

And inside the content of the bottles, all jelly are in crystal clear

But not all Jelly Mask are in clear content.
Just as the picture below. 
And their best seller is Hyaluronic (Blue Label) & Aloe Vera Jelly Mask (Green Label)
All different content are recognized by their color label!

When you opened up the bottle seal.
You wont be expose to the jelly immediately when you open the bottle cap
 Because there will be an internal seal cap.
This is to secure that your jelly will not be spill or leak externally.
Quality Guaranteed. 

Then you can use the facial spatula as provided to scoop the Jelly Mask
You can use your hand for convenience incase you dont have the spatula.
 But it is best to use the spatula, read on and you know why.

When you scoop the jelly up, you just feel like it's for feeding!
Look yum yum!

Caution: Before apply to your face, please do make sure your face is clean/cleansed
Then apply toner (if got)
So you need the spatula to apply the jelly onto your face, scoop it generously! 

*For First Time user, if you feel uncomfortable while applying, please rinse it off immediately.

And spread the jelly out evenly in upwards motion (from front to back)
 Dont apply it in circular motion, it's going to be never ending later.

Dont forget to apply the jelly on your hidden edges like the sides on the nose, your eyebrow, face edges near to hairline... practically everywhere on your face EXCEPT YOUR EYE & LIPS

You can apply it on your jawbone too.
And make a double check that you have applied everywhere on face.
Then clean your spatula with a clean tissue.

*Note: You dont have to spread it out like a profession but at least a thickness of 0.3~0.5m on face for ultimate effect.

Then you can go do your things and let the jelly mask set on your face for 30minutes
After 30minutes, pick up your spatula and start scraping the jelly off from your face.
scrap it from outwards to front.
Dont worry if it's too hard because the jelly has soften your skin texture so when you scrap it off your face, you are also scraping off your blackheads and acne along

 Do not put the jelly you applied back into the bottle!
Just use a clean tissue and wipe off the jelly from the spatula and doing the same action (scrap & clean) over & over again until you get all the jelly out from your face

Then rinse your face with warm water
And apply any moisturizer as you wish.

So this is how it looks like before i apply any moisturizer.
The reason why i like Annie's Way Jelly Mask because every time after i applied, my skin is hyper moisturized and also at the same time it has immediate whitening effect.

According to Annie's Way Malaysia Facebook
They were doing a promo with 1st bottle RM118 & 2nd bottle 50%
Free Postage!
You can FB PM them to consult for the latest price or WeChat: msvivian0209
Yes, they converse in both chinese & english. ^^

If you do not wish to get the whole bottle, you can get their 1 time use jelly pack in their nationwide outlet. But of course you will not regret in getting it, at least for me!
I am a happy client!

This is how my skin look on the 2nd day after applying the snail mask!
Oh hail to the flawless look.
Yes, i really like it. ^^

Annie's Way Malaysia
Wechat: msvivian0209
Contact: 016 526 1616


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