[GUIDE] TEDMI: Play It Cool

TEDMI Malaysia had just launched their very first mobile apps in Malaysia.
There are so many apps around the world but what is so special about it?
Because this apps is not just another apps.

Lets read on, shall we?

Designed & Structured by a team of young adults who aim to design a better lifestyle for Malaysians & bringing an up level of technology with simplicity starting in mobile apps.

TEDMI is a registered company a few years back and most of you might link thinking it is by XiaoMi, but No, TEDMI existed before XiaoMi entered into our Malaysian Market and took the wave. 

Why the name TEDMI? it sounds like PET ME, TAP ME, TEDDY, TAG ME
It is being designed to be a virtual world & yet getting all the reality benefits in life/surrounding. You will be given a Pet/Character, that will represent you in the virtual world. But of course you have to play with it to gain more points & you can use the points to redeem goodies in real life.

They are collaborated with alot of brands & cooperate,
You can view them in their website! 

TEDMI is now available in both APPLE & ANDROID MARKET
 Type TEDMI and you can download it for FREE

Once you downloaded it, 
you are being welcomed by their mascot & logo on the cover

 And you can link your account to your facebook!

 Once you registered, 
You will get a MI character
Sooo cute!

Then i was brought to my profile & my facebook profile picture was linked into this account.
And you have three button below of the apps,
Home, QR & Profile

In your Profile, scroll down to have your details setting modified

 Then lets go to HOME
You will realise there's a timer counting down no matter which category you go.
Scroll up down to view more news available.
TEDMI only show you latest & verified news.
No duplication content will be seen!

And when you click into the content, you will still see the timer.
No, its not for viewing time limit, it's for something else...
And all the contents you can share it out via google plus or facebook.
So you still get to connect to your other apps than just in TEDMI

 And when u click onto the QR button.
You will see this
This is not for you to scan check for products or pricing or labels.
This QR is actually for your freebies redemption.

So this is the part i am going to talk about the count down timer.
The timer will come to READY every 10 minutes after your view.

 So my Yellow Ticket is READ
You can CLICK IN now.

 When you click in, you will come to a black screen mode
And there is 3 ticket for your selection to redeem.
But sadly you can only chose one. 
 If you dont have anything to redeem, just close it.
And to avoid those to coincidentally closed it, there is a pop up notification for your confirmation. 

Like what the status stated, you can only view the tickets every 10 minutes after your visit.

And this is my 2nd visit, you dont have to keep the apps activated always.
I just close the apps, return after 10minutes or more, my yellow ticket is ready!

Then all the tickets again are different

So i clicked a ticket and you can find it in your ticket storage.
You have got to know that once you redeemed, the timer will restore back to countdown status.
And also to note that these ticket are first come first serve basis.
even though you redeemed it into your pocket, you are required to go to the shop & click into the your ticket & press REDEEM button in it. Once you pressed the REDEEM, within a certain time limit you have to use it too.

So what if you saved alot of the ticket in your app? 

This is the time where you can use the QR page & scan the redemption barcode provided at the counter. Your TEDMI app will search your ticket for you.

So after my exploration, 
I updated my profile & registered my mobile number confirmation,
I was give a 2nd character!!!

 Go back to PROFILE and click onto your PET, 
You will see a whole collection of uncollected EGG in which shows that there are more functions & stuff to come!
Your Character will grow with you & so as your points & redemption will grow even more with you!

But Hence, 
Because today is the first launch of TEDMI.
Thus this guide is an introduction guide on how to use the app.

TEDMI will upgrade month to month with more functions for us to adapt and also it will link all to our characters. To those who are gamers will be familiar onto the usage, but if you are not i am sure you are aware on the freebies usage how they work! ^^



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