Exfolimate: Deep Cleanse Your Skin

This is an Australian product - Exfolimate
It has been in the market for quite a few years, and recently it had ventured into our Malaysian market, and cheaper in pricing!

What is Exfolimate?
It is meant to be handy & instant exfoliation product which cleanses your pores and remove dead skins/black heads to gives you a naturally clearer & smoother skin. 

This Australian designed product is designed with innovative micro grooves to give smooth edge technology to instantly glide along on your skin with gentle control & pressure through you hand.
It can be used daily & it does not hurt your skin!

Exfolimate has been widely known to be used on our whole body & face.
The superb part is that even though it depend on the two tiny chip but it comes with loads of advantages after using it & also it is suitable for all skin type.

In this pic is the back of the box.
Two type of chip comes in two sizes and for different part of our body.

When you brush your skin with the product, it tends to open up your skin pores.
Thus alot of people use this product for pre-waxing & pre-shaving.
It is very well known for its size & weight (very light)
Easy for traveling & no battery needed. LOL.

Also, no expiry date for the product.

As i mentioned, it comes with two sizes in a box.
The large one is for our body, the smaller one is for our face.

While i'm holding it, you can see the obvious size of both product in my hand.

And dont worry on the edges of the stainless steel, it's blunt & it wont hurt your skin.

And it is not overly thin but a nice designed grip for you to hold during your shower.
it wont slipped off easily.

Besides than pre-waxing & shaving,
This product is known for in achieving smooth & better skin.

Why it opens up our pores & yet still giving us smooth & clearer skin?
Because Exfolimate is not being advices to use under a DRY condition of environment & skin.
It is advised to be used during your shower. 
After wetting your skin, quicky hold your Exfolimate & glide it gently on your skin with 90degree matter straight up (no 45 or slanting manner - skin will get hurt). With 90degree manner of stroke, dont brush the same spot more than 6 times.
Then your pore tends to open up after the brushing & the tip of the stainless steel tend to deep cleanse your skin by reducing black/white heads, oily patches & dead skin. 
Then it also has got an long term effect in minimizing your pores & improves your skin tone/texture. Baby smooth!

So every time before i apply my make up, 
i tend to brush my face with Exfolimate, so i will put some aloevera gel on my face before my foundation make up, my skin will absorb the vitamins from the gel.

So the face chip is quite big for the face, so better dont use the body chip.
And remember, dont brush more than 6 times.

The body chip is small for our body, but too big later it's not convenient for us to store in our toilet or in luggage. So this size is just nice too.

So after you brush the Exfolimate on your skin,
Remember to wipe the tips with a tissue paper.
Because you need to wipe off the dead cells & dirt from the steel.
In this pic, you can clearly see the dirt on my steel plate.
This is my body chip.

And on my face chip, its more visible on the tips.
The dirt makes me go crazy to understand that everyday my skin is breathing dirt!

After using this for almost two month,
I had been praised by my beautician TWICE during my treatment.
Less black/white heads!
And it really does look better after applying on the make up!

I am not going to lie to you, i am also using sulhwasoo's bb cushion in this pic.
Before using exfolimate, the bb cushion did not glow so well on my skin & i had to depend on using highlighter to brigthen up my face.
Thus after using Exfolimate, my bb cushion really stands out the effect on my skin with the natural glow!

Another Tips from me:
Brush your skin with exfolimate before apply your mask! But dont use this after mask because it will cleanse out the vitamin absorbed on the mask. ;)

You can now purchase it online via 

they are still in the midst of releasing it into nationwide market but they cant wait to share this good exfoliate skin product to you first. 
Thus they are selling their first batch of Exfolimate Malaysia for RM70 only!
You wont get this price when the product starts selling in store! 
And it cost 30USD in amazon!

Hurry Up & Grab One!


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