Cafe9: A taste of Thai

Majority of us love to eat Thai Food. We love Thai Tom Yum, we love their mango salad & also their Thai Milk Tea. You have to admit, we love everything about Thai, interms of Bangkok the shopping paradise, the affordable costing & delicious variety of food serve!

And in the hidden gem of Seksyen 17, next to this very famous Indian Cuisine (Kanna Curry House), locate a fusion experiment of Thai Cuisine to satisfy people in budtaste & spices flavoring. 

Cafe 9 is a Thai Cafe establish by a family of 9, with the belief of the number which also means 'Forever'. It truely does not sound like those typical Thai Restaurant name with Thai logo or text. Cafe 9 sounds like the next door cafe which is convenient for you to reach & to be remember of their name & their taste!

In the pic you can see it locate at the building end lot in medium grey wall paint with black metal framing linings to capture your eye sight. Also, their signage is in RED so it is easy to be spotted on.

The owner seems like has got a warming thought of adding some nature into their window view. 
And so as their interior, very lifestyle manner. Nothing Thai Serious. ;)

Blowing up some detailings for you to see. 
This is their window grill!
They will unfold the metal grill & lock it when they close shop at night.

I like all these minor detailing as metal grill can be as security, and also for you to hang your pictures & menu. 
It looks industrial & rough but
It's really lovingly used & multifunctional.

They also display their menu with pricing outside for everyone's consideration & conveniency.
They are PORK FREE
but they dont have a halal sign due to they serve beer.
Besides than just beer, it's totally all halal food!

And very clean environment too.
This in the interior, like i mentioned previously. Nothing Thai Serious.
Lifestyle + Nature

They will display some Thai Art Pieces

Some Thai Elephant Sculpture
They are all different & beautiful! 

And on every table, they will place spices flavoring for you to boost & custom your dish taste
Sugar, Chili Flakes & Special Chili Sauce
I love the coloring combination in the shop.

So, before i introduce the first dish.
I would like to highligh Cafe9 serves fusion taste of Thai & Malaysian flavoring.
But they are more onto the Thai spices but texture wise is near to our culture.
And in Thai, most of the daily dishes are in deep fried too.

Thus, let me present you the First Dish
In Donuts Shape
Deep fried very crispy & you cant find powder flour taste when you eat this.
And the prawn cake is bitten very compactly. 

Fish cake is in Round.
Just like the prawn cake, very compact in bite!
Totally can taste the fish-ness within & i like these two.

Thai Style Fried Chicken Wings 
are not just typical chicken wing
Stuffed compactly with glass noddle, black fungus, carrot & etc spices.

And we know how big a chicken wing is. 
Imagine the chef have to be well experience to stuff all the ingredient together into the wings and not destroying the chicken flesh. Then dip it into flour for deep fry purpose
To Mention: their deep fry dishes are not very very oily.

Chicken Fried Rice helped up to tone down the strong flavoring taste in our mouth during the whole dining session. 
Their rice is finely fried. 

Of course we could not leave out Tom Yum
So you can choose seafood or only prawn, 
If you are allergic to seafood, you can try consult their person in charge.

Their coconut milk was not very strong & you can totally taste very spoonful of the tom yam spices
The only thing you need to worry is whether you can take spicy hot or not. 

And their fish are presented very beautifully
Just like it's name,
The fish litterally looks like is dancing when it's being presented. 

And the owner was very considerate over all the strong spices serve in their menu.
Thus this fry fish is topped with mango salad 
So that our taste bud will be refreshed & cleansing the heavy spices away. 

Also, all the fish meat are cut into pieces
so you dont have to struggle in cutting the beautiful presented fish!

This is a very heavy tasting curry which goes well with rice
The chicken was very tender too!

And i was surprise there is Thai Otak Otak
This Otak Otak is served in a fresh coconut with flesh inside.
And it contain very fresh seafood in it.

It is abit water base, not like those compact Otak we eat
And in this pic you can see the seafood are generously served within.

I like the next dish
Curry Lala
Even though it doesnt look any Thai infused
But the strong curry flavoring with the fresh lala meat was just finely balance.

So if you are not a strong flavoring person, 
you might not find this dish fascinating
This dish is good to go with rice & noodles
And close up view of the fresh flesh

Thai Style Claypot Glass Noodle
It seems like just another pot of glass noodle,
but the sauce in the pot toned down the strong flavor & somehow restore the tender in biting through the prawn.

And at the bottom of the pot, 
there were loads of prawnsss.

This signature egg sauce was well cooked
and the broccoli balanced out our meal in vitamins.

Also, the drinks.
Thai Milk Tea was not too milky

And their signature is their Guava Assamboi
My friend liked it alot & commented it's really recommended.

So here is a selfie of me in Cafe9
The environment is very comfortable & i really like the sunlight shining into the space.
Feeling warm but yet chilled

So i took a pic of one of their set menu
If you are craving for an affordable Thai Food you can drop by to give it a try!

Thus after dining at Cafe 9 for almost 10days, i really miss their Tom Yum, Curry Lala, Glass Noodle & their Fish. I still can remember the prawn cake chewiness. The best part within the dining experience is that Cafe 9 DO NOT CHARGE SERVICE TAX & NO GST.

I guess that's the important part of the bill?
But it's a worthy try with a taste of Thai with Cafe9

Thank you to Food Ink & Cafe9 for the wonderful experience. ;)


Café 9
Address : No 27, Jalan 17/45, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Hours : Wed - Sun: 11:00am - 10:00pm (Closed on Tuesday)


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