Pelicana Chicken, The Korean Way

Have you ever tried Korean Fried Chicken?
Or you have ever tried, Korean Flavoring Chicken?

Today i am going introduce you this new flavoring restaurant in town.
Locate in Damansara Jaya, Atria Shopping Gallery
Pelicana Chicken 페리카나 
This is the facade of the restaurant locate at the top floor of Atria Shopping Gallery.
You can see the interior is somewhere very down to earth and cozy ambiance.

But importantly is the food they serve are very juicy and tasty.

Pelicana Chicken is a Korean Fried Chicken chain store 
which has over 2000 outlet in South Korea & International Worldwide. 
It is famous for its fried chicken & also sumptuous sauces which you enlighten your taste bud to find it truely a good place for food and authentic korean style 'fast food' alike in a healthy manner.

When it come to Korean Restaurant, people tend to think of their generous portion of side dishes and also their traditional manner of interior. But in Pelicana, it gives you a much closer step of the Interior Trend in Korea. Raw and Cozy.

Even though Fried Chicken is considered as 'fast food' but in Pelicana, fried chicken is to be enjoyed in a cozy ambiance together with your friends & family. 
And of course, their menu pricing is somewhat affordable but to highlight again, their portion is generous and also the food they serve are very fresh and juicy.

When you flip into their menu, first you will be introduced by their signature dishes.
The Peli Fried Chicken Series
which comes in different type of flavouring and also spiciness for selection. 
Their signature is the Peli Crunchy & Original flavor.

Then they also serve in all-day combos
Their Peli Chicken Combo Meals come with soft drinks which value at RM4.20.
But if you are just looking to taste the chicken, you can just order the chicken pieces at the first page of menu OR the burger series.

And they have platter series for big sharing portion.
Budgest is somewhat RM25 below for per pax!

So we ordered our meal, and we was told to wait for 15minutes for the chicken to be done.
Fair enough, it must be very fresh.
So they serve us our Tea.
The Korean Tea are all refillable except their other menu drinks & softdrinks.

Then Our Peli D' Fish & Chip is up.
RM13.90 only (exclusive GST)

I did not expect them to serve us such food quality of FISH.
Normally restaurant will deep fry the fish fillet with loads of flour but in Pelicana you get to see the FILLET itself and it's not oily!
They serve the Fish&Chip with mayo+mustard for dipping.

Closer up the view of the fish filet for you!
See, no oil to be found!

Then our 'Together Chicken Combo' is served
We ordered the Original & Crunchy Chicken.
It's not oily too!

The Original Flavour tasted is thick sweet & sour sauce with sesame dressing and the meat is very juicy inside. The Crunchy is very crunchy with no excess oil splashing out from your bites and you can totally taste the freshness in the meat which are very juicy too.

Served with Seaweed Salad & Seasoned Radish.

The seaweed had balanced the thick sauce flavoring in my mouth and the seasoned radish is somewhat very heavy in garlic taste. 
Also, this Together Chicken Combo serve with 2 plate of huge generous rice portion which cooked with black sesame.

And this is the happy me holding my crunchy chicken.

So conclude is that Pelicana Chicken serves you very fresh food with no excess cooking oil.
So you can eat without worrying on consuming too much food oil and dining healthily.

Comments from me is that Pelicana tasted very juicy & delicious for me. 
And their pricing is also affordable and served in generous portion.
The only thing i would like to highlight is that please do read their menu with cautious.
Because i was lazy to read and i ordered the combo meal without the soft drink. Then i ordered their Korean Tea instead and the waiter did not highlight to me regarding on the pricing to be charged and also i had ordered extra side dishes. Thus my bil turned up to be slightly expensive but yet i still pay because the food was good & somewhat i wasted the food abit.

It's just a minor thing and it was my fault anyway for not reading carefully.
So Pelicana Fried Chicken did given me a new refreshing taste flavoring in Fried Chicken.
Hurry and try them out now!

Address: Lot T23A, Atria Shopping Gallery
Hour: 10am - 10pm


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