Milligram\\Coffee + Eatery

First when i saw this cafe Milligram, i thought it was somewhat related to maths.
But to my instinct, it seems that every measure in the shop take counts in those minor details in our lifestyle. 

Why i had such assumption?
Lets take a look into the cafe.
Very young & friendly staff. Very honest with their food description too.

Locate in Taman Mayang, behind/near Lincoln College & right opposite of Williams Mamak
It' not hard to spot the cafe at night, as the whole stretch of units are mainly closed.
But in daytime, you will definitely capture the turquoise color into your sight.

And wonderfully, it has a very beautiful outfit/facade.
Clean cut interior with some simple modern paint pattern on the wall.
Black + White + Turquoise

This is somewhat making us feeling cozy under the warm lighting too.

They have got a very cheeky design in all their fitting.
Example: I like their idea of creatively installed fluorescent lighting to give space a different environment approach. Actually, all their fittings and decors are installed/reno in a very low cost but they are somewhat very easy for maintenance & also creatively.

This is their main counter.
All menus are clearly stated on the board and nicely categorized.
Pricing is somewhat standard for a cafe though.

You can see that their menu dishes are all between RM10~RM20 depending on your selection.
And a cup of coffee is from RM8~RM12

And they display a great amount of Mouth Watering desserts in their display fridge
It seems like a fantasy just by looking at them.
It seems to me that they have got indifferent type of cakes serve daily too.

They have got salted caramel cakes RM13/pc, chocolate mint cakes RM12/pc , chocolate peanut nutter RM12/pc, Baileys Chocolate Cheesecake RM13/pc 
& alot more!!!!
(Left) After Eight Tart RM13/pc
(Right) J.D Whisky Chocolate Cake RM13/pc

I can totally feel sugary taste in my throat!!!
This is the Chocolate Mint Cake RM12/pc
The cake's presentation look so melting that it melts in your tongue  right away while looking at it. 

So this is the part where i they gave in some minor details in consideration towards human needs.
(Left) We need some floral in life, it doesnt mean to be huge bouquet but some soft element to make you feel welcoming.
(Right) These hook are installed for you to hand your bags.

And art pieces to give your mind a chance to indulge in daydreaming and keep your busy head away from the city.

And they have got a day dreaming seating

Because it was already 10pm, and was afraid the caffeine will kick in.
So we ordered a cup of ice mocha.
It tasted good & well balanced in both chocolate & coffee.
Nothing too overflowing.

And we ordered a pasta main dish.
Pork Bacon Pasta RM16
topped with rockets and some herbs in cooking.
The most unexpected is that the pasta comes with a hard boil egg!
Though it's a little oily but it tasted good!
Portion wise was just nice for one pax.

Mushroom Soup w. bread RM12

I was thinking why this mushroom soup is so expensive a slightly small in portion.
But when i dipped in the charcoal bread into the soup. It tasted perfect.
No mushroom pieces bites in the soup and the bread was very soft.

So i talked to them about their bread whether it is baked daily.
But NO, they have got a method to keep the bread fresh; as in ordered in a small quantity then will keep ordering fresh ones once it's out of stock. Home baked.

Also, they are wearing caffeine thread's customized apron.

So i think Milligram has chosen a quite suitable site for their operation as it's given a different sight to the neighbourhood and also to enjoy a cup of coffee while dreaming.
If you are somewhere around the neighbourhood. Do drop by!

Milligram Coffee + Eatery
Hour: Brewing Everyday 11am-11pm
Address: No 8, Jalan SS26/4, Taman Mayang Jaya Petaling Jaya, Malaysia 
Contact: 013-518 8000


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