Healthy Future Cooking: Thermomix TM5

Do you like to cook?
Are you too busy to cook?
Looking for a quick & healthy recipe?

Thermomix TM5 is here to ease your matter.
No preservation. No ajinomoto. No time wasting.
All you have to do is to prepare the fresh ingredient!
Thermomix will cook for you under you finger control!

What is Thermomix?
By Vorwerks, is a German brand which has been serving in the market for more than 130 years and it is still growing real strong. Their aim is to sell high quality & innovative products.

What about TM5?
By Vorwerks, this is being designed to ease everyone's mind in the kitchen. Developed in Germany, it has taken 4 generations of the Thermomix ® and the expertise of more than 120 engineers to continually evolve and perfect this incredible cooking machine. Some of the world’s leading chefs have tested in excess of 25,000 recipes specifically for use with what has to be the world’s most versatile kitchen appliance. (from Thermomix web)

What Thermomix TM5 can do?
It has got 12 type of function and even do the cooking for you.

It's brilliant, right?

More about Thermomix TM5
It has been upgraded through it's function from their previous model and the new TM5 has got touch screen function with recipe chip for you view.
Comes with designated accessories which is designated in a well consideration compactness in which you & me would find surprises in every function explored within an hour & also forever.
(Pic from FiestyTapas)
You will definately be amazed by it's greatness.
Stainless steel and easy maintenance-high quality material made this TM5.

More about TM5?
You can cook 4 type of dish at the same time!
Bottom Tier: Soup
1st Tier: Rice
2nd Tear: Cook
Top Tear: Steam

4 dish in one go! Everything within a hour
Who would not love it?

So i was invited to this TM5 kitchen demo by my friend Janice, 
she caught my attention in facebook everytime she posted her wonderful meals done with Thermomix, from kneading bakery, desserts, kuih, main dishes and juices!
So i was kind of jealous but at the same time got myself curious towards TM5.

So they have got 2 Thermomix in the kitchen during the kitchen demo
So the first thing they did was a welcome drink with fresh made Lemonade

TM5: Blending within a minute for a Pure & Fresh Lemonade
1. Sugar cube was thrown into the TM5 mixing bowl

2. Look at the touch screen for the total ingredient weight! WOW!

3. Close the Mixing Bowl with a LID and turn on the turbo blend
about total of 3 times blending in 2 sec

4, Sugar cube had turned into Sugar Powder

5, Pour in water & a fresh lemon with tips and bottom chopped slightly.

6. Turbo Blend again, and you are ready to serve the lemonade after filtering the lemon skins through TM5 shimmering basket.

How Thermomix TM5 did it?
This is through the combination of the accessories which came from the TM5 package.
(picture from Thermomix Eng web)
Basically, the TM5 body depending on the Mixing Bowl & Blade in mostly all the ingredient & cooking. That blade is a dual functional blade, it chops the ingredient in clockwise direction, and it stir during anti clockwise direction. You can control it the directions on the TM5 body at the touch screen. 

(Left) Touch Screen, (Middle) Recipe Chip, (Right) Thermomix TM5 Body

TM5: Sauteed Mix Vegetables!
The vegetable is fresh & soft!

TM5: Creamy Pumpkin Soup?
Not a problem!
Chop your pumpkin into pieces & chuck it into the bowl.
Then add in the water and blend it.
Then add in some cashew nut for the creamy texture (this is the secret)!
Then press the "COOK"-ing button at the touch screen.

The final results is that the pumpkin soup is so creamy & good fragrant smelling too!

TM5: Black Soy Chicken
You just have to chop the chicken, put everything include the sauces & ingredient into the mixing bowl. Then press the anticlockwise to stir cook the chicken!
After some time, your chicken is ready to be served and the ginger was delicious!
Not to mention, the chicken is very very tender!

TM5: Cooking White Rice
One highlight of Thermomix is that the shimmer basket actually filtered the rice starch out from the rice when the rice is done, you actually get a starch-free rice which is good for health and also diet!

TM5: Steam Bun
 You need not to use your hand to knead the bun!
Again, the anticlockwise blade function to mix the dough and divide them into a small bun size . Next, you just have to let it sit on room temperature for it to rise (double size) and then ready to steam!

The blade actually mix faster than our hand.
The bun texture is so soft & delicious that you just want to have MORE!

End Results of One Hour of Thermomix TM5 Kitchen Demo
1. Pumpkin Soup
2. Sauteed Mix Vegetable
3. Steam Bun
4. Soy Chicken
5. Starch-free Rice

 One thing about Thermomix is to encourage people to eat healthy with the pure ingredient we are cooking. It is a compressed thermo heat cooking which cook your food while locking its vitamins and goodness in your dish.
I always believe in you are what you eat
Thus, thermomix is a healthy quick cooking solution to ease your time & worrying about not getting good nourish/vitamins in the ingredient.

So these are ladies behind the kitchen demo!
Thank you ladies for the wonderful experience with Thermomix!

 And look at me smilling brightly with TM5.
Also, i was told TM5 is sold out in Germany now!
It's newly launch in Malaysia just a month old and it's selling fast.

If you are interested in consulting more about Thermomix TM5 & current promotional

Please contact Janice via FB

or watsapp Janice at 012 2951 038

You can even contact her for a kitchen demo!
She is a very delicated person who will share with you all her ingredients and cooking experience in her Thermomix FB Group

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