Dine with The Tales of Nusantara, Sheraton Imperial KL

Ramadan 2015 is coming soon! 
Had you start planning your Buka Puasa gathering with your friends & family yet?
Thank you to Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur & Malaysian Hottest Blogger Founder Tim Chew for the kind invitation for the dining experience at  the pleasant & delightful 
Essence Restaurant, Sheraton Imperial KL.

Everybody knows about Sheraton Imperial KL. 
They have great hotel facilities, but have you ever tried out their Essence Restaurant?

Essence has got more than 210 type of dishes which serves from Malay, Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesia, Singapore and many other more type of cuisine to fulfill your unexpected craving. 

What is unexpected for me is that they serve all sorts of famous dishes like Whole Baby Lamb with Mandi Rice, Nonya Curry Laksa, Singapore Chili Crab & etc more.
With a total of 120metre long of buffet spread, you can totally imagine how long it took the kitchen to prepare and also to keep the freshness for you while dining!

Firstly, lets take a walk at their salad bar.
 I thought they were going to serve the typical vegetables with salad sauces, but instead, they serves different sort of cultural appetizers.
Like my fave glazing chicken feet, so crunchy!
Then they have kebab area and also some steam dishes and types of keropok for your to select!
Then lets go to the pottery dishes, 
 Sambal flavouring, chili crab & prawns with chinese style dishes are being served here!

One good thing about Essence Restaurant is that they dont serve you in huge big pot of dishes. They serve you a medium set of dishes quantity, then they will keep refilling the dishes 
More & More dishes! 
From Chinese Fried to Indian Cuisine!

 Whole Baby Lamb with Mandi Rice
I was stunned by the look at it and it was really delicious in tasting!


 They also have chiefs cooking freshly infront of your eyes so you get to see the process of your ordered dishes!
(Left) Fresh Seafood/Fishes to be ordered and cooked in Asam or other flavour available.
(Right) Very good tender Satays cooked with good time control.

This is the soup dishes area.
I love the background, everything is in vivid splash of red.
 Feeling so energetic in this area.
They have got different type of noodles for your selection.
From Pasta, Bihun, Rigate, Garganelli & Etc.

 I am starting to wonder, did anyone manage to taste everything in one night?
It's so amazing & unbelievable!


They also have loads of soup base and sauces for your selection to top onto your noodles!
And also various type of vegetables to balance your meal. 

Then here comes to unbelievable selection of
 I totally went crazy in this area.
They serve very good and well balance sweetness of Malay, Chinese, Indian to Western Kuih & Desserts. Very wide variety that you cannot resist to stop eating!

 What you see now is just one small spread.
They have another back spread and a few small serving at the corner too.

And here comes the unlimited variety type of desserts.
And they are just a portion of it. 

This is incredible.
And i went jelly after looking at this fine made dessert.

That's me selfie with my desserts. 

Essence Restaurant Ramadan Buffet Dinner starts from 18th June-16th Junly 2015,  
with the priced at RM138nett per person only.
But if you book now, you will get the promotional price at RM90nett, until 17th June 2015.
Kids below 4 years old will get to dine for FREE.
Kids from age 4 - 12 will receive 50% off.

But if coincidentally you are staying at Sheraton Imperial KL, and also would like to have your sahur in room, you will be able to choose from 3 different set of menus which includes the recommended Braised Local CatFish with Chili Paddy in coconut milk, River Patin Fish cook with Coconut & Pegaga Leaf, Oxtail soup & many many more which only cost RM52nett only and to be delivered to your room!

For those who prefer to break-fast at home, Sheraton has got some good recommendation to you to indulge in their fragrant Ramadan Mandi Rice special which is available to be taken away at Toastina Cafe & Bar from 18th June - 16th July 2015. 
Price RM15nett per person, only from 4pm-6pm daily. 

Plan ahead your Ramadan Gathering now to receive the early bird pricing!

Tel : 03 2717 9933 
Email : restaurants.imperial@sheraton.com