Celebrate the Spirit of Nostalgia Ramadhan, with Holiday Inn KL Glenmarie

I would not resist this view
I could not resist this view.

Let me introduce you this beautiful dining outdoor locate in Glenmarie, Holiday Inn KL.
It's call the Kite Restaurant.
There is also Early Promotion with affordable pricing below this post. ;)

A few year back, Kite Restaurant released a theme Ramadhan buffet, serving in memoir of the deceased P.Ramlee's favourite dishes selection and at the same time sit back enjoy the view while dining with laughters.  

This Year, The Kite Restaurant re-release some selection of P.Ramlee and alongside serving in memoir of deceased Sudirman's favorite dishes to all nationwide! 
P.Ramlee's favorite dish selection.
Kari Ikan Bawak, Burung Puyuh Goreng, Kurma Kambing Berkentang

So, this post is just a preview of the Nostalgia Ramadhan which will be serving in Kite Restaurant
Also, the dishes are the main highlight of the event!

The Soup Gear Box with Condiment Spread for you to self select to suit your flavoring while mixing

Oh gosh, this lamb here makes me go melting by looking at it!
You just wont believe how good it tasted!

So there is Pulut Kuning stall 
serving Yellow Glutinous Rice & Egg dish!

Arabic Stall 
serving Arabic fragrant rice with whole lamb leg!
There's BBQ Sauce, Thyme Lamb Juice, Dijon Mustard & Mint Sauce for your selection to add into your dish!

So this the following will be the 2nd highlight of the event.
The late Sudirman's favourite dishes selection!!
So they have Patin Gulai Tempoyak, Gulai Asam Rom, Gulai Siput Sedut

Ikan Bakar Corner
You can select your fresh fish yourself!

Sambal Pahang bersama Ulam

There's so many selection that i nearly went out of control because everything is very delicious! 

Satay Stall Selection

Also, the Satay are being served fresh (meat) and hot!

Patin Gulai Tempoyak

They took care & cooked the Patin in a very very very good manner & technique!
There's only sweet Patin taste & the fish was so tender!
As Patin is very expensive & you get to eat 'ALL YOU CAN' here! 

So they also have a wide range of desserts!
And to remind you, these are just preview dishes, means they will even serve x10 more during Ramadhan!
One wide spread of malaysian delicacies dessert!

Loads & Loads of Kuih and you can see from the bottom right picture when you combined some of the kuihs into a plate they can turned into a rainbow like dessert!

I'm feeling very sweet by looking at it now!
So if you are not a Kuih person, there's also fresh fruits stall serving you freshness & only FRESHNESS! 
Important is that they are serving DURIAN, 
Yes, it's unlimited!

So there are 3 main chef behind all these fine dishes and theme cracking of the Nostalgia Ramadhan.
Chef Mohaily, Chef Amer & Chef Zaidi

According to them, they personally did some research towards the late P.Ramlee & Sudirman's favorite dishes and also made some personal phone calls to some close friends of the late celebrity for further understanding towards the type of taste and dishes background of these great celebrity food.

There is total of 200~300 type of dishes will be served during Ramadhan in Kite Restaurant
And there will be more than 20stall serving along the Pool site, outdoor.
Yes, you can dine outdoor to enjoy the beautiful Holiday Inn's view!
And also there are indoor seatings for all.

So Holiday Inn has got an Early Bird Promo, 
RM95nett per pax.

1st day til 7th day of Ramadhan
Adult: RM115 nett
Senior Citizen/Child: RM85 nett

8th day of Ramadhan onwards
Adult: RM125 nett
Senior Citizen/Child: RM95 nett

4th July PH Nuzul Al Quran & Sunday
Adult: RM115 nett
Senior Citizen/Child: RM85 nett

Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie
The Kite Restaurant
Email: Ramadhan@holidayinnkl.com.my
Address: 1 Jalan Usahawan U1/8, Seksyen U1, 40250 Shah Alam, 40250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
Phone:+60 3-7802 5245

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