Soft Gelato at Every Sundae

I'm an ice cream & gelato monster.
I love everything about these two! *roar*

Today, in 'Eat With May' segment, 
I am going to write about this soft gelato bar by Cielo Dolci
It's call Every Sundae

Every Sundae locate in Damansara Uptown
at the same row with the infamous Village Park Nasi Lemak

There were a few times i pass by the shop and i keep repeating the name 'Every Sundae' while driving. My passenger thinks that i am 'mad' in the sense what's up with my every SUNDAY? 
Hahahaha! Lame joke i know but infact this name is very very easy to be remember

Facade of Every Sundae

The signage is big & clear.
It directs to your mind knowing what they are selling, gelato ice cream.
There is a difference between Gelato & Ice cream.
Gelato is warmer & denser than ice cream. :P

This is the left facade of the shop.
My impression about this shop is actually very cozy beach color selection.

The strips of the bench in blue & white. 
Ahh~! Feel like Sun shining on the beach now.
And also the sticker flags on the window. Cute!

This is the right facade of the shop.
The colors displayed on the front is actually their cooperate color.
They designed it in a diagonal pattern to make it looks very cheeky modern.

And if you walk closer, they will display the types of gelato flavor they are serving in the shop!
At least it wont make u walk in and start wondering what type of flavoring they sell while Queuing up.

What's more cute about this shop is that they welcome you with a cheeky note on the floor
LOL! instead of writting welcome!

You can see that they are using very raw color & material in their interior. And then adding in their cooperate colors on the wall to splash an indifferent mood/ambience into the space. 

And they creatively played the interior floor patterns in different toning instead of cement concrete all the way. Interesting.

And they tone up more colors in their furniture selection.
Very beach like feel too. 

I feel like there should be a big umbrella somewhere in the indoor. hahaha!

Food Display. Very direct & no hiding. 
Everything you see, they sell!

looking very seductive on the display. Sexy melting in my tongue when i look at it. 

Middle is their order counter and also self service tray at the left end counter. 
ice cream machine at the back.

If you are a dessert hopper. You should try this! 
So far i think this is the best i tried and for their pricing is okay too.
All pricing at excluded with GST.
Left is their recommended and right menu is where you can mix & match by your own choice!
Some shop sell somewhat same pricing but only give you 1/4 cup.

So i ordered two receommendation at their left menu.
Left is Tounge Twister: 
Butterscotch Sesame + Cheesecake & cookie crumbs + Salted caramel/Chocolate twist gelato.
Right is The Dark Side: 
Chocolate Fudge + Sprinkle of Caramel Popcorn + Chocolate + Giant Cookie

Tounge Twister:  RM11 (exclude GST)
 The butterscotch goes well with the icecream base, specially the salted caramel. And the cheesecake crumbs was not too cheezy thus everything goes so well in your mouth!

The Dark Side: RM13 (exclude GST)
This one awesome chocolate combination!!!
The gelato is so dense that i lingers in your tongue & melt slowly.
It's Killing me softly~ XD
But one thing is that the cookie is slightly too hard & salty.
You gotta eat them all together but i did not manage to finish the cookie.

Okie, my no make up selfie. Hahaha!
So this pic have to come in 'small' =P

Please do go have a try if you love softserve/icecream/gelato
They have got other selection & also presentation in a fun manner where you will love it!

Try their 'You're My Sunshine' too!
Comes in Cone with raspberry cinnamon gelato with cotton cloud dressing like a ballerina around the cone. Very very very eye catching. 
 I didnt ordered this but i saw it when it was being served to the few table down next to mine.

Every Sundae
Hour: 12pm to 11pm (OFF Tuesday)


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