Sande S-Trim by Esme

Everyone has been wondering how i loose weight while eating out doing all the food review so much recently. I have got my secret of course, i take fiber supplements!

Let me introduce you Sande S-Trim, a slimming supplement 
brought to you by Esme Aesthetics.
  That's a selfie of me & the product box.

If you see on the right of my blog, i had done a pampered facial review by Esme before and i can conclude they have got a very good beauty service. *thumbs up*
So i decided to give their S-Trim fiber supplement a try.

One box of S-Trim contain of 10sachet x 15gm (weight)

But Question is, What is Fiber Supplement is all about?
Fiber Supplement is all about detoxing your inner body. Flushing out all the waste and toxins in which linger in your body. This is due to all of our lifestyle and also the daily food intake we eat. 
This is good for people who wants to stay slim and nutrient.

I have got constipation, thus drinking fiber will be good for me if i consume it daily.
Daily Intake = Daily Flushing in the Toilet 

Besides than removing waste, it also form the digestive system and reposition a cleaner intestines.
Imagine we eat 3 times a day minimum and all the food colorings, fast food and yummifying meals we had are all parked inside our intestine day by day.
You will also fart very smelly! (personal experience no joke)
picture from coloncleansenc

For those who have got no constipation problem, we still can consume fiber supplement! 
Why? It will flush the colon in our intestine and also detoxing our body.
Most of my friend drink because for detoxing purpose, in which will lead them to have a better skin and also feeling 'light' everyday.

Good Body = Good Skin = Happy Mood
As you can see Sande's S-Trim is mix with alot of natural extract and it's no harm to our body.
54energy per sachet and even though there's a little bit of carbo, imagine that all the waste you will be flushing out later and you will feel lighter in weight.
Totally worth it!

So i was advice to take it first thing in the morning.
After my first glass of warm water.
I opened a sachet and poured the powder into my shaker.
The Fiber is Green.
Good things are always in Green!

Poured in about between 200ml to 250ml of water in between.
Then shake it hard for a few times to mix the powder to be dissolved into the water.

Consume the fiber 3days in a row non stop to detox your body. And if you experience a very serious pain, stop consuming it. Advice for first timer who consume fiber supplements, please make sure it's on your weekend at home. Just to avoid the effectiveness of toilet visits. 

Another secret is that if it's really pain on your first time, consume it 2 hours before you sleep!
This is because u had eaten a lot of things for the whole day and the fiber will be piling on top of your intake inside your tummy, then it will work from top to the bottom.
You will flush it out in the morning with no pain. ;)

The fiber tasted slightly sweet and always there is this particular fiber smell (but not so strong) which i'm quite familiar and got used to it.

Yes, i'm a fiber supplement person.
The night intake experience is purely an experiment done by myself with 5 years fiber intake experience.

Esme now has got an even better promo!
Snap or download the QR code below to get a Free Trial (consult by beautician according to your facial condition & needs)

Always remember to call them to book a time slot before you go!

Address: D-19-1, Jaya One, 72a, Jalan University, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Phone:+60 3-7958 8301
Hours: Monday~Sunday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm


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