Loha Cafe 乐活食堂

When you read the word LOHA, what actually comes to your mind?
It strikes me thinking it's a Japanese Cafe. But LOHA CAFE is more than just being a cafe.

Loha is from the english word LOHAS.
Living of Health and Sustainability
in chinese, means 乐活 (happy living)
In Loha Cafe (non-halal), they are serving the Japanese Western call the 'Yoshoku'

I was lucky to be there dining with my blogger babes.
Also, there is 10% discount for readers ;) So please do read on

Loha locate in Subang USJ at the same row as GongCha
It is on the first floor but you wont miss it as their entrance is very lifestyle.

Firstly, you will get welcome by the art master piece done by the shop owner's artist friend.
And they dont have much loud decorations too.
They keep their motto living healthy & sustainability real REAL.

 When you walk into the space you can barely see any huge renovation done, it's all about 
chillax & laid back relax while dining. 
And they have got little bits of minature decorations here and there in the shop. 

No partitions, no hiding. 

 And i love the huge window, feeling so relaxing while looking at it. 
Also the ambiance in the shop is somewhere warm white.

And i adore the unique art pieces!
Done by Owner's Friend.

So i was at the relax corner where they have got magazine shelve and tv for entertainment wise corner.
This corner is like a cozy home living.
Left: I was sitting next to the tv.
Middle: That's Nicole sitting cozily at the sofa, next to the magazine shelve.
 Right: Types of magazine and books they display, free for reading!

 And opposite the cozy corner, is their cashier + beverages counter.
Their counter is all combined with a mixture of DIY furniture.
And you can see the barista brewing the coffee up close & personal. 

For Info, Loha Cafe only accept CASH only. TQ. ;)

So i took a few pictures of the food variety pictures displayed in their menu.
This is not all they have but part of the menus only. 
They basically cover from breakfast to main course, dessert & beverages.

They dont have a thick menu, but they are serving very good control quality of yoshoku with a reasonable pricing!

Below are the recommendation by the owner.
As we have 4 girls, thus we have 4 awesome drinks.

Iced Coffee Soda: This is the House Special! Coffee + Soda! The taste is somewhat unexpected that you are confuse you are drinking coffee or soda and yet you keep drinking it for more!

Soda Bergembira, RM8: It's a combination of Soda drink + ice cream float. Sweet for tasting and you will feel very happy.

Iced Mint Chocolate, Rm12: On my first taste of this drink it brought me back to my childhood, the chocolate minty taste blends so well it reminds me of my primary period having a cold chocolate drink with my friends at the canteen after a big play.

Hot Mocha, RM12: Alot of people think Mocha is just Coffee + Chocolate, nothing special. But in a good mocha, it balance out the coffee taste with a premium type of chocolate used by the cafe. Loha's mocha using somewhat indifferent chocolate in their drink. No strong coffee taste and it does not linger too long in mouth. Good!

 Iced Mint Chocolate at front with the chocolate melting into the bottom of the drink. 
Ice Coffee Soda behind hiding for the surprise to be burst on your tongue. 

Left: Me posing with Hot Mocha before the art fade. ahaha!
Right: Me posing with Soda Bergembira, looking quite gembira!

Then here comes the main dishes!
You can see on the food & price labeling, they are very very reasonable!
Also to highlight, the portion is HUGE!
4 of us could not finish the dishes ourselves! ><

Left: Takoyaki comes in 6 huge pieces!
Right: Aglio Olio cooked with very good oil control manner. Delicious with spices too!

Left: Chicken Katsu: Deep Fried Chicken Chop with eggs and raw cabbage. Bottom is filled with rice. This is very very filling! Chicken is not being deep fried too oily too.

Right: Pasta Cabonara: This is good! The bacon bits and cheese are so well control that it does not feel too cheesy in mouth and yet flavor still bursting!

The Loha Brunch FX is HUGE. 
This is their house specialty too!

Left: Mushroom Soup: The soup is cooked with chunks of blended mushroom, in a raw cooking manner and topped with some cream on top and when you dip the garlic bread, it tasted like HEAVEN. Comes in a very reasonable pricing RM8.90!

Right: Banana Pancake Icecream: Recommended this as sharing portion because it's very filling too!
The fruits are fresh and well balance combo of pancake with icecream! 

 So we had eaten the main & dessert.
Here comes the SELFIES & WEFIES!
But sorry for the low quality ;P
Me & the Beauty Blogger Priya!

That's me posing with the banana pancake because 

Who dont?

From Left, that's the owner, me in mustard, the MHB Nicole & the Beauty Blogger Priya!

And the last pic *drum roll*
Me, Nicole & Hanli
*picture taken from nicole
And that's me demonstrate of 'the drama posing of broken waist'.

So if there is any chance that you are dropping by or having an intention to try their menu, 
just mention my name "Amane10" while ordering & you are entitled to get a 10% discount for any beverages of your choice! 
Valid from 25nd May - 25nd June only.

Loha Cafe 乐活食堂 (non-halal)
Hours: Monday~Saturday, 830am~8pm. Close on Sunday



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