Clio New Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow

Weekend is here! And lets get ready for a killing look for your weekend outings!
I'm sure you are very familiar with the brand CLIO PROFESSIONAL as their Kill Me Eyeliner Series was a BIG HIT in the Korea Market and so as our local market!

What's so special about CLIO?
Because they are affordable and long lasting looking!

I am here to introduce you their newly launch product, 
Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow

 Clio Professional Cosmetics was established since 1993 but only opened their 1st store in Seoul at year 1998. Their target is to create cosmetic which gives confidence, active, trendy, stylish & chic lifestyle with easy application and affordable quality wise. 

I was in Sunway Pyramid for the product review in muse by watsons
 I like the shop's fit out design. Very bright, very clean & clear looking, very organize!

And at the shop front, you can see CLIO PROFESSIONAL's product very clearly once you entered the shop. It's actually right behind the black dress girl of my shop facade pic.
 And here's a nearer view to CLIO PROFESSIONAL product range selling in muse by watsons.
From the basic of concealer to final touch on the lips!

 Virgin Kill Series are their lip coat product.

They are very intact to your lips and wont fall off even if you eat.

 The Foundation & Concealer Range.
They carry all sorts of tone to suit our Asian's Skin tone.
You are always welcome to drop by to test out the color!

(Left) is the newly launch Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow which can last up to 24 hours and comes with a brow mascara to add on a final touch to make your brow looks more outstanding.
 (Right) CLIO's Mascara is good in the sense that they explain each of their different mascara comb in a very specific reason. 
Yellow=Curle, Pink=Volumn, Orange=Extend.

(Left) is the Gelpresso series which consist of eyeliner function & eyeshadow function.
They are quit fun to play with! And some of the products are actually out of stock, so you might want to try it out in store!

 So here comes the product in which are the highlight of the day.
The Kill Brow Series

So they started the event off with their MUSE model Mia Chai (middle)
With their make up guru (left) and also the beautiful host on the right.
 One thing i want to highlight is that the make up case on the left is SO BEAUTIFUL!

So they started off the make up demonstration with 
CLIO Kill Cover Liquid Founwear Cushion.
Even though this is abit pricy but then the cushion actually gives you a very good and balance coverage on your skin. It makes your skin looks smooth and natural glow!

So the make up guru goes according to the picture below with the product she is using.

I want to highlight is that the step 2 brightening actually has got a immediate effect on the model's T-zone, brighten up her feature and looking more 3D in reality.

 The whole demonstration took up about 30mins explaining each step and how to apply the products to achieve a maximum look.

(left) is what the make up guru had used.
(right) Is the final outcome of the model's make up.

MIA is very beautiful!
And she is so sweet that she smiles everytime! 
So i took a selfie with her. ^^ 

And i meet a new blogger friend who is in the same profession (Interior Design) as me!
Her name is Julianna Chan

Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow
is the first 3in1 kill brow that can complete your brow coloring, shaping & tattoo-ing it along too. This is a dual type product in which convenient for your to carry in your bag and adjust your make up everywhere. 

This you can retouch your eyebrows 2~3days in a row even after you cleanse your face. 
It's like a tattoo function but then it wont ink into your skin. And able to maintain the shape 24hours without melting!

So i was trying to top up my eyerbrow with the tattoo kill brow.
It gives me a very natural like feeling and not too hard outline on the brow.
As the brow mascara at the other tip makes my brow even more stands out. 

 So i was playing along with CLIO's Gelpresso Waterproof Shadow.
So easy to apply and also immediate effect that my eye lid even stands out more.

What i think about CLIO?
I always like their 'KILL' series product.
I knew them before they even launch their very first eyeliner series in Malaysia and their products are very smirking HOT with GOOD effect on my skin.
So you can just walk in for a complimentary to try out their Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow and let your very own experience speaks whether it suits you or not. ;)

For more information, please visit to the website 
or CLIO Malaysia Facebook: 

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