Yummy Organic Recipe!

There is nothing wrong eating healthy always.
Eating healthy does mean that we need to #eatclean or #nocarbs 
It's not about diet.
Eating healthy is to give chance ourselves & our body to detox and also staying away from too much chemical/starchy/meat.

So, i always like to eat GREEN every once a week!

I am introducing you Organic Recipe at Bandar Utama!
Restaurant facade of Organic Recipe.

This restaurant actually locate in a very odd area. 
It's in an Lower Basement of an small apartment name Casa Utama , which locate opposite of Sekolah Kebangsaan Bandar Utama! And in the same building as O'boutique Hotel. 
You have to pay an hourly charge parking fee.

But trust me, this place is so good that alot of people doesnt mind the hassle. Even lunch alot of cooperate or office staff will go there & dine.

It use to be a small restaurant, and now they expended their business with a whole new welcoming interior. Even though it's all about organic, but the material usage built inside is all very long maintenance wise and also the partitions are all multifunctional manner.

Example, the black panels standing behind the lady in green, are door access to their kitchen. @.@!
Talking about superb design!
And the panels can turned into display with a hook! Look at how the plants are being hung!
And the interior is well designed.
This view is actually facing their organic products area.

You can see the ambiance and colors of all furniture are very soothing.
Well controlled toning!

And that's our colleague, trying to look at the menu while posing.
From here you can see that they do not hide the exterior view of the neighbor's building. 
Instead of exposing, they plant GREEN at the balcony outside and installed a semi translucent white curtain to give a soft toning into the interior, and a well glimpse of sunlight too!

On the left, Greens at their counter!
On the right, Greens are their outdoor balcony!

So i ordered their Lunch Menu,
Seaweed Fried Rice
It's so yummy serioussss!!!!

This fried rice is without egg. And you can strongly taste the seaweed so well that you cant stop digging for more after your first scoop of taste!

Fried Mee Hoon
This plate is not too dry not tasteless. The carrot & mushroom slices are so well combined and they even top up some bean sprout for crunchiness. With some raw cabbages slices to keep the refreshing in taste!

Bitterguard Kuay Teow
Their Kuay Teow is those thinner type like those served in Thai.
The bitterguard is not too bitter as the black bean gravy had covered the bitter taste and also with carrot, mushroom & cauliflower slices to spice up the crunchiness!

So obviously, eating healthy does not mean that we have to eat very poor.
We still can mix the ingredients without meat and the taste can still be achieve in the same right manner! 
And the most interesting part is their (no bak) Kut Teh is filled with chinese herbs and load of mushrooms! So delicious seriously.

So thats me selfie with nicole  and that's my close up selfie! Tehehhe!

Organic Recipe
Address: Pju 6a, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Telephone:+60 3-7729 0236


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