Softsrve @ Damansara Uptown, some-sweet different!

without 'e', you can know that this shop is specialist in soft serve icecream and they really only do sell soft serve icecream, in special flavorings.

This shop locate at Damansara Uptown, near to Wondermilk.
They dont have a main signage for the current but at the exterior you can see the clean and eye soothing wood color/texture which speaks by itself.

Everything in the interior set is actually very simple.
White + Beech Wood

But what fascinate about this interior is the usage of white tiles in which gives an extra credit to beautify the space. And the flooring is grey. Everything is in easy maintenance, and the designer is very smart in using some glossiness in tiles to create beautiness and also cold+timeless looking.
This is the preparation counter. Top is in solid wood, Front is in white gloss tiles. 

And also their graphic usage is big and clear.
They have got restrict selection of soft serve in the shop. So me and my friend were un-decisive towards which to taste; and as a first timer, we hope to try everything.  So the staff was very friendly they even gave us a trial towards their recommendation flavor.

And the best part is that they serve the bowl of ice cream with a solid wood spoon.
I can literally taste the wood in my mouth. The refreshing taste of wood.

The interior is somewhat all white but all tables are in light wood selection/texture.
Simple and purely nice. Nothing to distract your eyesight and mainly is for you to focus on your ice cream in a better/human psychology manner. 

So we ordered Fluffy (Left) & Honey Brick (Right)

When they serve our ice cream, it actually smokes (dry ice beneath + hot water), i do believe it is just a special effect to create a cold steam look a like.

The Fluffy comes with salty ice cream (beneath) and top with sweet cotton candy.
Honey Brick was nice in taste, they also serve it with a mini piece of honey comb as topping.

Front Left: Honey Bricks
Right: Honey Chips
Back Left: Fluffy

The Honey Chips just serves with potato chip on top. And from the pic you can see it's a double layer of paper cup. You can start imagine my ice cream quantity is just HALF of the paper cup. And they stamp their logo onto the cup. Nice!
What is best is that they are going to official launch the shop and the chocolate series on 
7th March 2015. 
So please do drop by and try out their existing and also upcoming new flavors! 

 Address: 31, Jalan SS21/1A, Damansara Uptown, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 
 Hours: 2pm-11pm (Tues~Sun)


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