MilkCow @ LG The Gardens, Mid Valley

Ice cream gate way for my March!
But this will be my last scoop of ice-cream in this month or March 2015.
Reason is i had gained alot of weight during CNY ;(

Oh Well! Lets start the scoop with MilkCow at The Gardens Mid Valley!
This kiosk locate at LG, opposite of Cold Storage.

You wont miss this unit out because it's so bright that you just have to look at it TWICE!
And the Queue will make you wonder!

So MilkCow as a hit issue starting a few month ago.
Just as it's name, their ice cream serves in a very milky manner in which you just couldnt describe how milky it is.
Lets Start with their menu!
Everything is printed on the huge column.

There have got 11 type of flavouring/toppings to suite your taste.
Prices are from RM8~13.
The illustration is so cute and clean lining.

They have minimal ingredients actually.
From Jelly beans, cotton candy, honey cube/liquid, macaroons, and white/dark chocolate toppings.
Such a big variety that you just felt you need to be greedy!

This is how they display some of their ingredient in the display fridge.
The middle ones are honey cubes and the rest are macaroonsssss!

7 types of different macaroon for your selection!

 Front Left: Milky Honey, Macao Dream.
Back Left: Snow Drop, Black Pearl
So there were 4 of us. Each of us ordered each different flavor for testing!
The cup size is as big as the size of a paper cup, in transparent manner.

Left: Macao Dream, serves with almond flakes & a piece of macaroon of your choice!
I chose Salty Popcorn Macaroon and it taste no salty but a decent sweetness and what macaroon should taste like it is!

And the way they label the order is classic.
Just tell them the number at the menu or the name of it, they will write down the number on the cup!
SP = Salty Popcorn if you are wondering.

But there is only one disappointment towards this icecream....
Is that the icecream is hollow in the middle. BLAH~!

So this is me selfie with my icecream.
I ate the macaroon first before my camera.. couldnt help it. LOL! 

My point of view of this icecream is that it contains alot of dairy milk (MilkCow).
So if you are lactose intolerance you might want to reconsider abit. 

Milkcow Malaysia
Address: LG K23 The Gardens Mall (Opposite Cold Storage)
Mid Valley City 59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-7726 7370


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