[Non Halal] Go Thai @ SS2, SO GOOD!

Had you ever tried Thai Street Flair of Food?

If you had been to Thailand, i'm sure you had tried their street food before.
If you dont, no worries! You could now try it in SS2 with decent pricing!

I use to go to Lai Thai (seksyen 17, happy mansion) and i still do go there for Lunch for my Thai Street Food craving. But Lai Thai only opens up til late afternoon 5pm and it's always crowded during lunch hour! Hence now  i had found the savior for a similar Thai Street Food to fulfill my cravings at night.

Go Thai at SS2 (non halal)
It's locate BEHIND:  INC Internet Cafe, Double Park, CIMB BANK (corner lot)
SAME ROW:  Piao Kee , Teo Chew Porridge

This is the facade of Go Thai (night view)

From exterior you can see that it has a very warm dim welcoming lighting. 
Even though it is serving Thai Street Food but they paid a little attention towards interior design and also decorative details.
A touch of contemporary with street culture decoration.

Somewhat an Industrial pendant lighting and open ceiling in dark paint finish. 
A very raw touch, also easy/low maintenance.

There is only one problem in this shop. is that there is only ONE menu at the inner dining area, and another ONE at the exterior facade. No menu booklet nor sheet. Yes, everything is on that board, hand written and well explained. 

In the picture above you can see the staff are all dressed up with a straw hat and a cultured pattern clothe tied onto their waist. And you can see some classic soft drinks glass bottle and condensed milk are at the metal suspended rack, that's the bar counter and cashier.

For a typical Thai Street Food, you can see they also serve with 'add-on' flavorings, all nicely capped and hygienic. Fish Sauce, Sugar, Chili Flakes and one unknown clear like watery flavour. :P

Here go the display rack with decorations of traditional tiffins and patterns. 

So i ordered Kuey Teow Nam Sai (front: clear broth soup with kuey teow) 
and le boyfriend had his Khao Ka Moo (back: stew pork leg rice with egg)
We also ordered Thai Milk Tea & Black Coffee.

This clear broth soup is as good as the one served in Lai Thai Seksyen 17! 
And it comes in slightly more serving which only cost RM7!

Le Boyfriend was a frequent flyer to Thai and he commented this is as good as the one served in Thailand! What makes us happy is that this pork leg rice only cost RM9. 
The Pork was deep stew and thick in flavoring, it serves with salt veg as side to create sparkle in taste and it just make you could not stop digging for more!

The Black Coffee has got no 'coffee sour', and thick and nice Kopi O.
But the Milk Tea was abit too milky, i prefer it lighter in taste.

Our Total bill was only RM24!
Well, of course you cant compare it with street stalls/mamak as this places comes with air-conditioning and also has got their interior designed!


I revisited Go Thai again after a few days on my first visit.
Tried their Tom Yam Seafood (RM12) and it taste spicy (increase spiciness on every scoop).
The shrimp they cook are very FRESH and so as the sotong too!
Totally Awesome!

Address: 187, Jalan SS2/24, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 
Hours: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm


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