C.Micheal @ Bangsar Jalan Telawi

I always wonder how some girls maintain their healthy hair so sassy and volume all the time. I was told once that you need to be very hardworking in all the treatments and also products. 

Knowing me for being cheapskate, i will only visit saloon every few months. And i always hopping around and leaving the saloon with some unhappy experience about my hairdo. That is until i meet C.Micheal at Bangsar Jalan Telawi, i think i got my hair saved. 

Even though C.Micheal is one of the top saloon in which charges slightly expensive but i think (cheapskate me) that the money i paid/invest onto my hairdo, it had lasted me a few months on the shapes cut and very happy that the hair style (consulted by professional) suites me. 

Look at my haircut in which i had done on my first visit! 

I have got very thin hair thus Leo (the professional stylist) helped me done some layering on my hair. He even consulted me to get a short haircut but i love my long hair (childhood nightmare with short hair-do, sorry Leo)

Let me show you a proof after 2 month of the hairdo. I was getting ready for a wedding dinner so i blow my hair myself with a little skill on the hair tip to give a curl. And the shape is still awesome but i think my skills suck cuz my long hair all curled until looks like so short length. lol! 
And that's a nude make up. hahaa!

Of course when you go to a saloon, they will advice you to get some product in which suits you. But for C.Micheal, they really tell you what is the magic to get your hair so beautified & nourish daily.

They introduced me  
Stem Cell Hair Serum by C.Micheal
After apply the serum onto my hair (not on scalp), you can see an immediate change on your hair glow. My hair absorb the serum quit fast that some tangled hair ends immediately became smooth.

Imagine this, Healthy Glowing Hair, Smooth & Soft.
Best thing is, it's less than RM50! 

I was a very happy customer.
So i went back to C.Micheal on the 2nd time. 
That's me getting my scalp treatment on my 2nd treatment.
My scalped was all unhealthy and all blocked on the roots.

Not to mention, all the staff are very very friendly! 
And that is Nicole getting her sassy hair done happily and with Leo the awesome professional hair stylist that i keep mentioning early in this blog!

So, i decided to get more products from C.Micheal this time.
Scalp serum & hair serum (Professional Range)
and a free complimentary of Shampoo & Hair Serum for my travelling purposes. 

To understand better, C.Micheal has got two type of hair care range.
*you can click onto the name to see more on their web*

The Professional range can be found in their outlet in Bangsar.
The Collection range can be found in any Aeon Wellness outlet.

I dropped by to Aeon Wellness one day and i found that they have got a sample bottle on the rack for you to try on, this sounds awesome!
 Go and have a free try!!! No Regret!
Also, every month they have got promo of the month!
Go check them out! 

Tel: 603-22013673
Address: 0, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur


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