Awesome waffles at Chequers @ TTDI

I was still rolling on my bed the Valentine's morning waiting for my sis finish cooking for my breakfast, then i got a sudden invitation by my babe Nicole for a BRUNCH session.

Who would reject BRUNCH?

So Nicole was suggesting CHEQUERS at TTDI. It's right behind the row of Public Bank. And the surprising part is that i was not dining alone with Nicole, Tim Chew was there! 

Facade of Chequers @ TTDI. 

I love black signages, it blends the environment very well, not matter is daytime or night time. And you can see from the facade, they plant alot of comfort pot plants and the lighting inside the interior is so cozy!

This is the outdoor seatings (they have got glass panels with air condition inside - indoors)

I like the way they design the place. It looks like plain white but if you look closely, they gave a detail input where the walls are in white paneling with spacing in between. Creating depth-ness in viewing and also something to break away from the normal.

They even spent a little more details at their expose ceiling to make the indoor indifferent than the outdoor, with ply frame boxes. Nice! 

Look at the details! It might be 'nothing' but it's something!

So nicole ordered 

Down Home Benny
Waffles with Ham slices and avocado mix, topped with a poach egg and watercress salad on top.
What is so special about this is that the avocado mix does not consist a heavy taste of buttery of the avo nor mayo. 

And the tipping point is that you have to give their house special Hollandaise Sauce a try. 
It's so good that you could not stop eating! 

Look at the poach egg melting down the dish. Omg.

I'm sorry i couldnt recall this dish's name but this dish serves with beef sausage & strips with salad as sides and tatter tots, then topped with a poach egg. 
How can you not melt in the combination?
If you are not a beef person, they can replace something else in the kitchen!
But i have to say that their tatter tots is VERY GOOD. it's not oily too! 

Melting Moments

Waffles on the left, vanilla ice cream at the middle front with fried banana fritters at the back. And that' strawberry topped with chocolate melts. 

The combination was awesome with the ice cream. I love ice creams *giggle*

Chamomile Tea in Pot

So i ordered Tea with purpose to cleanse the taste in my mouth and tummy. It's refillable and i love the set of pot in RED as it actually blends onto the wood table very well.

Well, wood blends with every color well. But it's Chinese New Year mood hitting the moment! 

So after the meals, of course you have got to take selfie! 
Specially when there's Nicole around. haha! 

Well, it was Valentine's day. I just gotta choose something white & dreamy looking to fit the theme of the day! 

And we girls just love Selfie. This picture actually taken with Tim Chew's awesome phone where the camera actually filter some picture noise and beautiful our face feature (awesomely).

I personally think that Chequers are actually a very nice decent place for a Brunch session with friends. Suggest that if you are going with a group of friends, dont order every dish with waffle unless you are not sharing, you might want to share the dishes and taste around all their wonders served in the shop!

153, Jalan Aminuddin Baki, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Contact: 016-661 7622 
Open: 9:00am – 11:00pm


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