A very local delight & reasonable lunch date at Onde Onde @ Citta Mall

Happy Chinese New Year is going to end soon. ;(
I hope everybody had a well spent moment with your family & friends, with all the huats & power up moment together!

I celebrated my CNY in KL because i'm quite a local.
And for the KL locals will have got a certain problem is that there is not much people to hang out with and also there is not much choices to eat around in KL/PJ due to the chinese restaurnt or operate are all closed for the busy red festive.

So coincidentally i went to Onde Onde at Citta Mall.
This restaurant locate at the same ground level of McDonald & Unique Seafood on the right wing of the Mall.

I'm quite an interior person thus the ambiance made me choose to dine for Lunch on that day.
I think is the white walls with heavy material textures which brings a good combination in contrast. It actually try to make a traditional of Malaysian culture colors into the interior. Something Modern + Cultural. It do look very welcoming too. 

The contrast of materials; the mixture of wood and tiles.
Black really do goes well in any situation. White was to blend it so you wont feel heavy on your eye sight towards the overall interior, And they add in some traditional objects as decoration to express the Malaysian Finger Food Cultural.

What is the modern part?
Is the furniture selection and also the louver display which was designed in contemporary method and also the black tiles on the counter.  

I did not try this but this seems interesting.
I like the way they design the menu. Simple and straight forward.

I think this is a very interesting tea time set and they serve it in TRADITIONAL TIFFIN!!!
Various type of Malaysian Kuih and with reasonable pricing for the set! How can you say NO?
I am so going to bring my babe over one day to try this!

So i ordered a asam laksa (signature dish)
I was wondering how signature it is compare to alot of Specialty Shop selling this as their main income. But obviously you have to give a try on the signature to tell you how different it can be. 

So i took my first bite and it taste just what asam laksa should be, AWESOME DELICIOUS.
The soup is not too thick with the prawn paste and you can practically taste a little of the Fish in the boil.

And i didnt expect this to come but they serve the dish with a generous portion of Fish in your bowl.
I love FISH. and i could not recall when is the last the time i have a proper meal with Fish in my bowl of Asam Laksa (ok i suucks). hahaha!

And hey also serve a very simple All-Day-Breakfast in the restaurant!

Thus, conclude is that Onde Onde actually do not just serves Malaysian Local Food, but also something Westernize like chops and breakfast sets.
Their food are very well presented and gave in a research on Quality Food just nice for us.

You could try this if you are stuck in Citta Mall! 


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