Lets BLOOM in Health with Teabrew & Co

From my previous post, I had tasted some teabags from Teabrew & Co. 
So now I'm introducing something indifferent from teabags. The Blooming Scented Flower Tea.

Teabrew actually had launched their first selling product with a teaser like below pic.

Then Teabrew officially launched the Blooming Scented Flower Tea with conjunction of Chinese New Year packaging.

Teabrew actually trying to promote a healthy gift in the festive and the tea is very well presented.

Imagine the food you are going to consume during Chinese New Year. I think drinking this bloomin scented flower tea will be the best solution as it is presentable and also very light in taste. 
Look at the bloomed flower tea in the glass jar! 
The taste is actually quite delicate & light. 
The tea ball is made with green tea leafs and a mixture of flowers.

Look at the before on the left, the after on the right! 

And you must be curious how they made it? It is actually a mixture of flowers and green tea leafs then they tie them up in a particular beautiful shapes then vacuum it into a ball.

If you are wondering how many type of pattern they had for the teaball, its alot. Bu5 the flower selections are just a few as shown as below pic. Just the teaball bloomed in the water could be different.

So I honestly think Teabrew & Co. Blooming Scented Flower Tea is somewhat worthy to buy as a gift to your friends & family. As least is something looks very elegant too! 

Not to mention, green tea flushes the oil in our body, flowers actually nourish our skin too. Perfect for any occasion isn't it?

 So this is what i got in my glass pot. It has Amaranth & Marigold. It's like a pompom lady with her english hat dancing in the water beautifully.

So, if you are interested in buying the CNY packaging for yourself or as a gift. I think this is quite reasonable.
Teabrew & Co. is selling their first launch with CNY packing at RM20 for 5 Blooming Scented Flower Teaball. And i got an update from Teabrew that the smaller one is sold out and there's limited left for the taller ones.

What are you waiting for? Go give them a like on their page & get one bottle now!


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