Nando's Art Initiative Competition Launch, 2015

The weather was slightly gloomy at 5pm when I was getting to my car. 

Worrying about the jam I might get caught in KL, me, Nicole & a beautiful friend of us decided to drive down to Jalan Sultan KL early to attend the Nando's Art Initiative Competition Launch of Year 2015, at 7pm.

We reached the destination somewhat early & it was a nice gesture that Nandos HQ actually seated us in their operation dining floor & serve us any drink available FOR FREE on their tab. Free drinks who would hesitate!
Then we finished out drinks in no time & the ceremony started just in time for us.
Look at my fat arm painting on the canvas wall. Ohwell..

You have got to know Nicole is a blogger too and she attended numerous awesome event which get me jealous without fail! 

So, let me talk about the contest a little further. As we all know, Nando is good with their PeriPeri flavours, also their interior, art & decors are vey unique in its way.

Nandos has been organizing this Art competition for numerous years. Its to promote art & also to give chance to students and us people to express in ART. Prizes were attractive too! 
So look at the competition poster! You can get more infos at their nando art initiative website.

I guess the best part was there were free tidbits throughout the event, getting to explore Kore potential arts & artist. Also, their freebies were generous. Two food voucher comes with quater chicken, 2sidelines & a bottomless drink!! Also two bottle flavour of their Peri sauce, Two table Sheet and also a charity bracelet! 

Now, can u taste the nando peri taste down your throat now?


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