How clean it can go? The esmé Beauty Express Facial

I'm quite a lazy and yet cheapo person when it comes to everything. But one thing you cant be cheapo and it is a MUST to invest. That's your BEAUTY!

Yesterday i just visited esmé Clinic for a consultation towards their 'carbon blast facial'. Instead of that, the staff spotted a strong dehydration on my complex and also she had shown a concern about my facial, she suggested me to try their esmé Beauty Express Facial

It was a blast! 
Just look at the pic below! 
*pictures posted in this post are all raw! non edited!

esmé Clinic locate in Jaya One.
It's somewhere near 'The School' outside, it's on a first floor.
I was welcomed by a lush of green! It looks very refreshing in the space! 

They have got a very cozy lounge! And this lounge is also serve as part of the consultation/medication in esmé Clinic.

Of course i was not being alone there. I was with my babe Nicole trying out the facial. Nicole has got a goooooodddd complexion that the consultant actually praised her! 
Looks like i need to work haarrrdddeerrrrrr. :(

So, we was placed in the same room next to each other. So if any of us making funny conversation or noise, it's quite visible. We totally had an enjoy hearing of else one's conversation. LOL!

I had a little make up that day. Eyebrow & Eyeliner. So the beautician had to remove my make up before they start the facial.  You can see here my face is quite orangie under the white light. 

I hate white light. it expose my skin quality!

So step one. They used a sponge and remove my make up with a milky cleansing which consist of toner. Then, they apply a deep scrub on my face.
And yes, i took the pictures myself. haha!

The beautician gently scrub my skin. So we were conversing and she mentioned that she is using their endorsement product to scrub my face. The next thing she did was exclaiming that My Skin Got Brighter!!!!! AND IT WAS DOUBLE EFFECT WHITER IN REALITY!!!

I think everybody hate this next step. But surprising the beautician extracted all my acne, whitehead & blackhead quite gently. But i had so much acne that she had to extract my whole face. 
No wonder in the beginning of the consultation she was so concern about my face! 

Then she did a Facial Meridian Point Massage and place a piece of soft fabric on my face then start applying the white clay mask on top of my face. 

After some time about more 15mins or 20mins. Beautician remove the clay mask & sponge my face with warm water to remove the leftover on face.

Then she apply some rose extract essense on my face and gently massage it.

Because this is suppose to be an Express Facial. So i expected an Express outcome.
So let me share with you again on my before & after

So i went out to the lounge and took some selfie under the white light.
This time, my selfie is sooo much different because i can totally see a clear bright facial complex!

I guess i am quite satisfy with the esmé service and also i can totally see that my skin is being moisturize locked on the 2nd day. I didnt expect an express facial can actually help me to boost up my complex and also giving me a clear bright skin.

Look at my 2nd day's selfie! Still clear & bright!
I only had apply eyebrow pencil & eyeliner too! 

The esmé Beauty Express Facial only cost RM68 at esmé Clinic ...!

So for your benefit, as Chinese New Year 2015 is coming, you can drop by to esmé Clinic and just mention my name Amane Chong then you will get a consultation of surgery & non-surgery for free. Before 15th February 2015. 

**I do realize they have got load of interesting update. For the updates, you just gotta go give a 'Like' on esmé facebook.
**To avoid some inconvenience, inbox/call them to make an appointment too. **
Remember, just mention my name AMANE CHONG 

No. 65-1, Block D, Jaya One, No.72a, Jalan University, 46200 Petaling Jaya. Selangor. 
 Tel: 03-7955 1491 

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