Have you been to the ART in the PARK?

I think i just hit a paradise in the city center of Kuala Lumpur.
And it's FREE. Who doesnt love free stuff?
Let me introduce you this awesome place.

The Botanical Garden Kuala Lumpur.

Art in the Park locates in Perdana Botanical Garden KL, where our national Tugu Negara, Bird Park, Butterfly Park, Deer Park is somewhere next to each other too. 

The website map is actually looking quite confusing for a person who is lousy with maps like me.
Just drive to the botanical garden KL and park your vehicle. Then everything is walking distance.

Just walk into the center of the botanical garden to reach the destination. 

you can see clearly on how well it is being maintained. And surprisingly there is alot of people would come here for exercise, jogging & outings!


I felt that the structure will be another beautiful piece when it is under the rain. It will be so beautiful with the waters & sounds surrounding of the droplets.

Look at the overall panoramic view. The structure is so massive but yet light weighted looking.
It is surely something to breakaway from city center. Also, it is also good for structural studies for the students. And the material they used are very easy maintenance too.

Not to mention, the whole daylight shining on it is so glittering that you couldnt get your eyes off the structure BLINK BLINK.
I think i was blushing because i really do love nature.
I love looking at the trees and their roots. The flowers & their beauty. The sky & the cloud.
The light & the shadow. <3

And mainly i was excited because i bump into an EXTRAORDINARY place! 
They have got a DEER PARK connecting to the garden!

Note that if you were to come in a big group for the area, please do make sure you check the rules & regulation at the garden's office which locates in the middle of the Botanical Garden. To avoid any inconvenience & also strictly for security too. 

What are you waiting for? LETS GO!!!

The Botanical Garden Kuala Lumpur.


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