1600 Panda @ Publika Malaysia

This is not something new but its definately something RARE. 

Previously, the Panda was displayed in HONG KONG n it went viral acrosd the internet & also the tourism spot in attraction.


Panda. Came. To. Malaysia. 

It was at the Merdeka Square when it was launched then it conquered afew places like tugu negara.
Then PUBLIKA at Solaris is the last spot for the display event. T.T 
Make yourself available this weekend as this will be their last week here!

They are so cute you literally have to give in to them and pay to have an upclose pictorial with them... you get to hold their soft bumbum...

And I took this Prolly it looks like me so floras and pattern banyak. Hahahha.

And you see... panda kiss kiss. 
So cute.

They basically layout the panda in quite  creative manner making them looks alive. And they even changes some of their posture everyday everyhour too! 

Not to forget taking a picture with Nicole 
Please do check her out at her blog

And what are you waiting for?
Go drop by Publika to see the Panda THIS LAST WEEK of them!


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